Thursday, 3 October 2013

Take Your Top Off For Breast Cancer

 World First Event – BRA NATION!

In a world first event, women - and men - will gather in their masses at The Amphitheatre, Martin Place, Sydney, wearing nothing (on top) but their bra.

The event, run by National Breast Cancer Foundation ambassador and television presenter, Brooke Lowther and actor Conrad Coleby, will be held on October 27 to raise much needed funds for breast cancer research.

Besides drawing hundreds of bra-clad supporters, the inaugural BRA NATION will feature musical performances, celebrity appearances, a lingerie fashion show and the Fashions of the Reveal competition where patrons can design there own bra to wear on the day.

The first of what aims to be an annual event to be held in each capital city, will be televised nationally to raise awareness and funds for the fight against breast cancer, a deadly and disfiguring disease that remains a worldwide killer of women, and accounts for 27.4% of all new cancers in Australian women.

To get behind this great cause and have a fabulous day out, grab your favourite bra - or start designing your own - and head to Martin Place at TIME on Sunday, October 27.

For more information visit Bra Nation

About Brooke

Brooke Lowther was born in NSW, although she spent most of her childhood
residing in Queensland. A proud mother of two, currently Brooke is the
television spokesperson for telecommunications giant TELSTRA and a
regular advertorial PRESENTER for fitness and lifestyle brands across

In 2002, Brooke’s versatile career in television began as the face behind
numerous advertising campaigns: Telstra, Natural Instinct, Pepsi Max, Devine
Homes, Wallace Bishop, Johnny Walker, Target, Kmart, JetStar, Suncorp
Bank, Palmolive and many more.

In 2012, Brooke was selected out of thousands of applicants from over
fourteen countries to be one of Samsung’s Global Bloggers for the 2012
LONDON OLYMPIC GAMES as an Australia correspondent on FOXTEL.

This year, Brooke is taking on her new challenge as an ambassador for the
National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and is excited to launch her
new range of lingerie with U.K designer Melanie Harris, known for her work
with Eva Lilly, entitled ‘Qetesh Couture’.

This lingerie is not only designed for the everyday woman but one collection 'Isis' is specifically designed to give a fashionable choice to the 34% percent of Australian and New Zealand women who have had to endure mastectomies in the treatment of their breast cancer.

About the National Breast Cancer Foundation

The NBCF is Australia's pre-eminent community-funded organization
dedicated to winning the war against breast cancer through research.

With a goal of reducing breast cancer deaths to zero by 2030, since 1994, the NBCF has provided $97 million dollars worth of funding to Australian-based cancer research groups.

NBCF funded research has ranged the gamut from studies aimed to increase
fundamental knowledge of the disease, to those focused on providing quality
of life improvements for patients and survivors.

It is the mission of the NBCF
to provide funding for research on any and all features of breast cancer and its consequences for those it has afflicted.  The NBCF website can be reached at: