Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Soundtrack to life

Last week I interviewed Leo Sayer for an upcoming feature. 

As I sat down to dial the phone, I actually felt nervous. Nerves or anticipation? I'm not sure. But it was something. And as someone who interviews for a living, it was off putting. 

I hadn't felt the flutter of butterflies before an interview since I was a cadet journalist phoning the local politician, yet here I was, like some sort of fangirl, getting anxious before a call. 

It wasn't that though - although I am indeed a fan - but because I was about to talk to the man whose music has provided the soundtrack to my family's life - to my life - since I was a little girl. 

His music is incredibly special to me and represents everything I love most about my life - my family. 

And I was about to have the opportunity to hear firsthand about the inspiration behind the lyrics that have provided so much happiness, comfort, resonance and nostalgia. 

Music has a way of doing that - lifting spirits, providing strength, and bringing back memories in the most vivid of ways. 

Sayer's Just A Boy album was the first record my dad gave to my mum when they were dating, he used to play his songs on the guitar when we were little and my brothers and I grew to become fans ourselves.

I remember creating my own mixed songs cassette when I was a teenager, always finding the right song to suit my convoluted adolescent emotions. 

Not much has changed and I still find tracks which resonate with my current experiences and outlook on life. 

These days though I'll often pull out the Leo Sayer music when I need to centre myself, remember who I am, draw on the strength of my family, or take a trip down memory lane. 

Or just listen to some good music. 

It doesn't happen as often as I'd like, but whenever the five of us (my parents, my brothers and I) are together, we've always got Leo playing in the background, remembering a time when things were simple, and being together was a common occurrence. 

I think all families, couples, friends have different songs, musicians, albums that takes them back to a particular time or place, that brings back emotions and feelings. 

So it was pretty cool to be able to be able to have a chat with one of the stand outs, despite the fangirl nerves.