Sunday, 18 November 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Each year when November rolls around and shopping centres begin adorning the ceilings with Christmas decorations, I often hear people complain.

"The decorations are up too early," they say.

"I don't even want to think about Christmas," say others.

"Not another Christmas Carol!" also a commonly heard gripe.

Yet when I see the glitter of that first piece of tinsel - I feel a surge of excitement.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas comes to mind and my mood instantly lifts.

I look forward to hearing the repetitive sounds of Little Drummer Boy and White Christmas.

This year, I couldn’t even wait until the month’s end to put up the Christmas tree – a tradition I’ve relished since I was a little girl.  And with my two little boys now old enough to participate, I simply couldn't resist. 

I blasted Bing Crosby's carols (downloaded to my iPhone) feeling ever so blessed as I watched my the unmistakable joy on my children’s faces as the Christmas Tree lights were turned on.

I wish I could bottle that feeling, indescribable though it is.

I truly am a Christmas tragic.

Christmas has always been a huge deal for my family. My brothers and I would wake at the break of dawn, ensuring my parents did the same, so we could empty the contents of our Christmas stockings.

A tradition we couldn't bring ourselves to let go of until we moved out of home – funnily enough Santa kept on coming.

I continued to love Christmas all through my teens and beyond, almost skipping through the crowded malls as I chose presents for my friends and family.

Not much has changed.  Aside from the size of my family and the chaos of my life, which has made Christmas shopping all the more frantic.

I still enjoy watching corny Christmas movies and even admit to throwing on a pair Christmas earrings on the big day.

There's something about Christmas and the lead-up to it that fills me with happiness.  

It's about family and togetherness and celebration. The environment changes, along with the weather, and everything seems that little bit brighter.

And everyone - despite complaints of busy malls and last minute shopping - seems that little bit more joyful, with a ready smile and a Merry Christmas wish.
Have your decorations gone up yet?  Do you love or loathe the pre-Christmas rush?


  1. My birthday, falling on December 1st, has always been the day to put up the decorations. As a result, to me, if there's no tinsel or tree, it's just not my birthday.

    I love Christmas though. Coming from a very large and very close family, we have the tradition of all getting together at *SOME* point on Christmas. Mostly it's a big dinner, with several dozen of us sitting around until the wee hours, chatting about anything and everything.

    For some reason, the 'kids' still sit at one end of the table, with the 'adults' at the other, during the meal. Of course, the term 'kids' is a little misleading. The youngest amongst us is now 22yrs of age, but in our minds, my cousins, siblings and I have always been the kids!


    1. ha! I can relate the the "kids" thing for sure!