Thursday, 25 April 2013

Visual Inspiration

Having recently commenced studying again I decided my work life needed a little reorganising. 

As a work-from-home freelance writer and full-time mum, life is chaotic enough, without adding a whole bunch of disorganised text books and study notes to the mix. 

So after a spot of online shopping at Kikki-K to stock up on stationary, I've finally created myself a little workspace - more like a study nook - which fits snuggly in a corner of my home, with easy access and a continuous view of my two boys (though most of my work is done once they're safely tucked in bed!).

I've adorned it with things that are special to me, including photos, my kids' drawings, a poem from my mum, a card from my husband etc. 

While madly clicking away during my stationary shopping spree, I spontaneously bought a so-called "visual diary". 

My husband is a huge advocate of visual inspiration, so I thought - "why not?" - I'll create my own little book of inspiration. 

I imaged myself cutting out pictures of beautiful home decor, fit and healthy families, yummy recipes and my favourite quotes. 

So far, though, the book remains empty, though placed front and centre of my desk waiting patiently to be filled. 

It's not for lack of interest, more a time issue  - as in I don't have any after spending time with/feeding/cleaning the kids, managing the house, writing, studying, practising piano/guitar, life in general... 

I want to though. 

So, I'm wondering - is it worth the time? Do you have a visual diary or any other type of visual inspiration and if so, do you value it? 


  1. Oooh I love a good stationery buy up! If I had the money and time I swear I would have the best looking office in Australia!
    I have a vision board in my office where I pin up pictures of things that inspire me. A bit like Pinterest before computers!
    Jodi x

    1. YES! So would I. I'd love a big vision board too but unfortunately my workspace is in a corner of the main living area to be near the kids so I've had to keep it fairly minimal!

  2. I LOVE my visual diary. It's bursting! Full of as many ideas and inspirational images and quotes I can squeeze into it.

  3. Love your work Nicole. We believe in any kind of visual inspiration. A Visual Diary is a wonderful idea, as is a Vision Board - placed in a space you see every day. You could even use a Magnetic Board - which is slightly smaller and may fit into your space better. You might find this blog post on Vision useful:

    Enjoy. :)