Wednesday, 3 September 2014

5 critical lessons to teach kids about online safety

Although the recent nude celebrity hacking scandal involved a sophisticated and criminal invasion of privacy, experts say the event provides parents with a timely opportunity to teach their kids some critical online safety lessons.  
According to Shannon Curtis from “Kids will already be talking about the nude celebrity scandal and how it happened, so the event provides a perfect opportunity for parents to connect with their kids in a current way about online safety”.
According to Curtis, the critical lessons every child should learn about online safety are:
1. Recognition that we all have a digital footprint that lasts forever. Before posting content online ask yourself is this something you would be happy if a teacher or parent were to see it. If not you probably shouldn’t be posting it online.  
2. Think carefully before sharing photos of others. If you do not have permission to, if it is inappropriate, or if will make another person embarrassed or upset then don’t share it.
3. Ensure that your children understand the importance of privacy settings and are familiar with how to set them across any social networks they are active on.
4. Reinforce the importance of having different and strong passwords for each website or online account. Strong passwords contain a minimum of 8 characters, a mix of upper, lower case characters, numbers, symbols and do not contain your name.
5. Encourage them to report any inappropriate content or behaviour they experience online.

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